Music in corona times, part II

Good morning to all,

More music! I can't help it - music has been such an important force for so many people around the world in the past days and weeks that I feel the need to talk about it again in our weekly "language společňák". 

Let's try it in a different way than two weeks ago, though... 

Instead of a fun video I want to offer you an article that I enjoyed reading, which comes from the last issue of the Respekt magazine.

It says that some of the most touching symbols of the corona times have been the videos of Italian people singing from their balconies to bring comfort, hope and joy to their neighbours across the deserted streets. Such as this one...

Music - and singing especially - seems to be a very wholesome (and cheap!) way to keep your spirits up in difficult times: "It's cheaper than therapy, healthier than alcohol, and definitely more fun than working out in a gym," the author of the article says.

The article is definitely worth reading and not all that long. You can find it here. Don't be afraid, it's all in Czech. :-)

Have a great day and sing as much as you can!